covid-19 planning

moving forward through the 2020 - 2021 school year, grand view university is excited to continue in-person classes and welcoming students on campus. grand view will continue to work hard in monitoring the covid-19 situation and making the health and safety of our students and campus community a top priority. we are grateful for the dedication and perseverance to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment shown throughout the entire gv community.

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Classes & HyFlex

grand view university continues to provide in-person classes with social distancing and safety measures in place. grand view has also implemented a hyflex course model that allows for course delivery that is flexible and adaptable so students can continue their education uninterrupted.

  • classrooms will be arranged to allow for social distancing between all students and faculty.
  • students are expected to wear masks while in classrooms and anytime they are in common areas and unable to maintain six feet of social distancing.
  • grand view has adopted a hyflex course model that allows flexible course delivery and gives students the ability to keep attending class even if they are unable to do so in person.
  • if required by the state of iowa, gv faculty are ready to move to online instruction.

what is hyflex?


we have learned a lot about hyflex in practice this fall. we surveyed students, we polled faculty members, we examined class attendance patterns, we analyzed mid-semester grades, we studied progress reports, and we did a lot of listening to individual students and instructors. in general, we know we need to continue with hyflex in the spring, but we also know that there is room for improvement.

we will continue the hyflex model for spring, but with some adjustments. in general, students will see three types of courses available to them.

  1. face to face courses: these courses will have a method of "inper" or "blend" and are assigned to classrooms that will accommodate all students. students taking these courses have the option of attending in-person every meeting day, or attending synchronously (live, online during the class time).
  2. online, synchronous-only courses: these courses will have a method of "web" and the only way students can attend is synchronously (live, online during the class time). faculty will have attendance policies in place and students are expected to attend each class meeting online. students may not take these courses asynchronously unless approved by the course instructor.
  3. courses divided into groups: these courses will be broken into small groups for face to face or synchronous attendance. students will be allowed to choose their inper day (within listed capacities) or they may choose to take the course synchronously (live, online during the class time). students who choose to attend these courses synchronously will be committing to that type of attendance for the full semester – a physical seat in the classroom will not be reserved for these students.


HyFlex Infographic

hyflex faqs

dr. kevin gannon, director of the center for excellence in teaching and learning at grand view, answers some of the most frequently asked questions as we bring students back to gv for the fall semester, including:

  1. how does online experience compare to in person?
  2. will all classes be face-to-face and hyflex?
  3. what if i have a health condition that puts me at risk?
  4. will labs be in person?
  5. what if i have a covid exposure?
  6. what technology will students need?
  7. can students take classes remotely?
  8. online vs. hyflex course models

academic calendar

2020-2021 academic calendar

Health & Safety

cleaning procedures

grand view university has partnered with fbg service corporation, a professional cleaning service, to ensure we provide top-notch safety and cleaning procedures focused on infection prevention and control.

fbg uses an electrostatic disinfection system (eds) with hospital grade disinfectants approved by both the cdc and apa to attack key touchpoints around campus, including:

  • faucets
  • door handles
  • switches
  • desks
  • wellness center
  • elevators
  • other high risk areas

view a detailed summary of fbg's cleaning procedures here.

social distancing

grand view is practicing social distancing in all buildings on campus. this means that everyone should maintain a six-foot distance from others. classrooms will be arranged to allow for social distancing and seating in all public spaces has been spread out. according to the cdc, keeping space between you and others is one of the best tools we have to avoid being exposed to this virus and slowing its spread locally and across the country and world.

learn more about social distancing here.

face masks

students are expected to wear masks in class and in other public areas, particularly when social distancing cannot be assured. the university fully supports the advice from health professionals: “consistent, widespread use of cloth masks in public settings will dramatically slow the spread of covid-19.”  it is the university’s full intention that the community will achieve 100% compliance with this and other parts of the coronavirus game plan. we will achieve that level of compliance by creating a culture of compliance. that effort will include:

  • asking all members of the community to acknowledge and sign a community pledge acknowledging and committing to all measures necessary to keep the community safe;
  • providing education on the virus and how it is spread to help individuals make the right decisions;
  • sending friendly reminders with signage, other communications and fun promotions;
  • making the right thing to do the easy choice for members of the community.

we do not condone approaches or efforts that will shame, belittle, bully, or intimidate individuals based on their opinions about the coronavirus. such actions are inconsistent with grand view’s values and our long-held objective of being a supportive and caring community. that said, if anyone blatantly refuses or belligerently ignores what it will take to keep our community safe, the following language in the grand view student code of conduct will apply, “student responsibilities include: refraining from any conduct that would interfere with university functions or endanger the health, welfare or safety of other persons.” actions and/or behaviors by students which constitute violations of the code of student conduct will subject a student to disciplinary sanctions.

while this topic focuses on wearing face coverings, our need for compliance is equally—and in many cases more—important for other parts of our coronavirus game plan (e.g., following directives to self-monitor one’s health, self-isolating when feeling symptoms of covid-19, and practicing social distancing). the university’s emphasis on compliance applies to all efforts needed to keep our community safe.

for more information about face masks and their importance, please visit the cdc’s website.

return to campus and covid-19

use the modules below to learn more about covid-19 and how to work towards a healthy return to campus.

covid-19 education module

viking health pledge

grand view university's provost carl moses welcomes everyone back to campus and focuses on key health factors moving ahead with his message to the gv community. an important focus of this message involves the importance of everyone's commitment to keeping grand view a safe environment and reducing the spread of covid-19. in an effort to do so, carl asks all of the gv community - faculty, staff and students - to review the provided educational materials sign the viking pledge.

sign the viking pledge

Housing & dining

grand view university has in place a full return to on-campus instruction and housing. however, campus life will appear different than in the past. adjustments have been made to many aspects of the campus and community in an attempt to mitigate any risks associated with covid-19.


below are the protocols changed for the upcoming move-in for the fall 20 / spring 21 school year.

  • students should go to their residence hall to check-in upon arrival to campus
  • students will receive their room key, room condition sheet, a notice of missing documents, and parking sticker at their residence hall. new students will also receive their student id and welcome week schedule.
  • check-in location will be outside, weather permitting.
  • before checking in, all students will need to complete a symptomatic questionnaire.
  • all students and guest will need to do a one-time temperature check before moving anything into the room.
  • all staff, students, and guests are expected to wear masks during the move-in process.
  • no outside volunteers will be touching students’ belongings.
  • all exterior and interior  doors will be propped open.
  • sanitization wipes will be at all check-in stations.
  • we extended the time students can move-in on their assigned date

more detailed information about the move-in process is available here.

what to bring

  • thermometer
  • bed linens (twin–extra long)
  • pillow, blanket, bedspread
  • personal care items
  • Backpack & School Supplies
  • wastebasket
  • Iron & Laundry Basket
  • detergent, quarters
  • refrigerator (110 amp or does not exceed 5 cubic feet)
  • carpet
  • computer
  • first aid kit
  • fan
  • tv, blu-ray player, stereo
  • robe towels
  • hair dryer
  • extension cord
  • microwave
  • dishes
  • flashlight
  • hangers
  • umbrella
  • sewing kit
  • power strips
  • cleaning supplies

what to leave at home

  • space heaters
  • electric heaters
  • candles / incense
  • halogen lamps and light bulbs
  • hot plates
  • toasters
  • toaster ovens
  • electric skillets
  • pets (fish are allowed)
  • air conditioners
  • lofts (furniture provided can be arranged in several ways, including lofted)
  • firearms
  • explosives
  • weapons
  • e-cigarettes and other vaping materials


grand view’s food service provider, aramark, is working hard to keep you safe. they have increased cleaning and sanitation of high touch service areas, require frequent hand washing and use of gloves by all employees, have removed potential contamination points, and will be checking the health of dining center staff prior to starting work.

to reduce the social spread of germs, we ask that dining guests also take proactive measures—wear a mask, maintain a six-foot social distance, and use proper hand washing and hand sanitizer.


the naia and grand view university are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all athletes. please check for updated information on scheduling and game day policies. below is an outline of fall athletic mitigation efforts.

mitigation for athletics 

visiting campus

we are looking forward to seeing you on campus! the health and safety of our campus community and our visitors has been our top priority during the covid-19 pandemic. as restrictions in iowa have been lifted, we have slowly and safely opened our campus. we know there are many questions about what that looks like, so we have outlined the safety and precautionary measures we are taking.

covid-19 visitor guidelines


grand view offices will be open normal business hours to serve students and visitors. please wear a mask and practice social distancing when you are meeting with various departments and with faculty members. you may be asked to meet in a larger room if social distancing is not possible. 

frequently asked questions

many questions revolve around covid-19 and how normal operations will be different moving ahead. provided below are answers to many of the reoccurring questions gv has encountered.

view our return to fall 2020 faq

additional resources

grand view has compiled an extensive list of resources to help students and families navigate through difficulties brought forth by covid-19.

visit our student relief resource page