转。博士。马克遮罩,哲学和宗教的椅子在大观 提供了一个前言 耶稣的故事:马赛克, a book now available from Wipf & Stock, written by his teacher Roy Harrisville at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN.  Harrisville is the author of numerous books, but what makes this one interesting is that he is 98 years old!  The book offers a critical investigation of the stories about Jesus and that Jesus told in the New Testament.  更多 information can be found about the book 这里.

此外,邻ñ9月28日遮罩了四张演讲马丁路德的神学的 societas十字架 (十字协会)在该研究所在布鲁金斯南达科他州路德神学举行。